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Welcome to the MultiVM documentation!

MultiVM is a secure, multi-language smart contract execution environment that is fully compatible with the Ethereum blockchain but has a huge potential for scalability. Built on top of the RISC0.

Shared liquidity

This enables maximum capital efficiency and usage as virtual machines (VMs) can easily communicate in terms of computation due to shared storage.


Smart contracts and decentralized applications can communicate and interact with each other through cross-VM calls. This promotes interplay between different components and facilitates the creation of more complex decentralized applications.


Multiple smart contract platforms can run side by side, allowing different parts of a blockchain network to process transactions independently. This reduces congestion and increases throughput.


VMs can be updated, added, or replaced without requiring a hard fork of the entire blockchain. This simplifies the process of improving and evolving the blockchain over time.


The technology allows for the execution of smart contracts written in different programming languages, making our blockchain more compatible with a wider range of applications and use cases.

Security Isolation

Running multiple VMs within a single blockchain provides security isolation between different smart contracts. If one smart contract is compromised or has a critical bug, it won’t necessarily affect the security or stability of the entire blockchain.